DIY Handphone cover and tutorial

As promised, this is the handphone cover tutorial :)
(Sorry the pics are a bit crappy..hehe)

First of all, you have to measure your phone. My phone measures 3.5 inch x 5 inch. So the following instruction will be based on these measurement ya.

1. Outer fabric - 3.75 inch x 15.5 inch
2. Inner or lining fabric - 3.75 inch x 10.5 inch
3. Interfacing - 3.57 inch x 10.5

1. Sewing machine, or you can also sew by hand
2. Scissors
3. Measuring tape or ruler
4. Pins


1. Measure and cut your fabrics and interfacing.
2. On the wrong side of your outer fabric, mark at 5.25 inch (A) and mark at another 5 inch (B).
3. Then, fold it until (A) meets (B). Pin (A-B).
4. Flip the fabric and pin (C). Refer picture.

5. This is how it looks like on the right side of fabric.
6. Fold in in two, and test out the card slot. Adjust if needed.
7. If everything is fine, topstitch (C) with matching thread. Or you can also use contrasting thread for interest :)
8. This is how it looks like after topstitching.

9. Pin again (A-B) and (C), the stitch along the side, for both sides.
10. (A-B) is stitched until (C), (D) is stitched until (E).
11. Next, iron the interfacing to the wrong side of the inner/lining fabric.
12. Arrange outer fabric and inner/lining fabric with right sides together.

13. Pin and stitched all around at 0.25 inch, leaving a small opening to turn the fabric.
14. This is after stitching. See the small opening? Make sure it is big enough to turn the fabric. Then trim the access fabric and corners.

15. Turn it inside out and iron it out.
16. Fold it into two and pin. Sew both sides. It will be a bit difficult to sew as it is thick, so sew slowly. I used a walking foot for this part. 

Aaaanndd you're done! Insert your phone to make sure it fits nicely. I like to make it fit snugly, but it will be a bit tight to insert card or small bills. 

I like how the inner fabric is peeking out at the sides :)

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