DIY - Jubah with lace

Jubah or baju kurung with lace was really famous last year during the Aidilfitri celebration. I kind of missed that boat, but turns out the look is timeless and is still in trend.

I did try making a jubah for myself last year. The fit was okay, but the neckline was a bit uncomfortable and the length was a bit short. To sew that jubah, I had copied the measurements and shape from a readymade jubah that I had bought. To be honest, I had avoided jubah for a long time because I didn't think the style would suit me. But I was wrong! I really liked the first jubah that I bought, and decided to make my own :)

I chose a dark grey fabric, matched with soft pink lace. The lace has silver cords which makes it glittery. However, the fit at my forearm is a bit tight for my liking. For this jubah, I added a hidden zipper at the back as well as back darts.

For my next jubah, I constructed the pattern from a basic blouse pattern which I am satisfied with. The blouse pattern ends just at my hips, so to make it longer, I just tapered it out to floor length. The first try was a failure. It was a little tight at my hips and it won't be comfortable to sit in. So I adjusted the pattern, and made it wider. Now it tapers out almost like a skirt :)

This time, I chose a dark green fabric (really flowy and soft!) and a chilli red lace. 

After cutting the fabric, I serged the shoulders and sides only. I left the armhole raw, as I like to serge the armhole after attaching the sleeve. I also prefer to sew the shoulders first, then the neckline. I find it easier to navigate that way.

I used bias tape to finish the necklines, but next time I think I will use facings. The fabric is too soft and it kind of stretched a bit. Can you see how the slit is a bit wonky? Oopss!
I chose not to use back zipper this time, as I want to make the construction simpler. No back darts either :)

Next is attaching the lace to the sleeves. I decided to sew the lace first before sewing the sides. I started slow as the fabric is slippery, but the second sleeve was completed much faster. This is how it looks like after I finished attaching the lace and sewn the sides. After that, I attached the sleeves to the body, and lastly sew the hem. Finished!

In conclusion, I really like how this jubah turns out. The fabric is flowy and soft, it falls nicely. The construction is also sooo easy. It took me one whole day to complete it. The hardest part is probably during cutting the fabric and attaching the lace!


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