About me, the blog and the shop

Assalam and hello! Aime here :) I am the owner of this blog. I started this blog on Nov 2010, with the hope of documenting the progress of my sewing. At that time, I had been following a lot of blogs which concentrates on sewing skills, tips & tricks and easy projects, which really got me hooked on sewing.

Starting from there, a few friends had asked me to sew some small stuff for them, such a pouch or a simple tote bag, which I turned into a small business of handmade bags and pouches. However, after a while, my priorities were more focused on my personal life instead of this small business. The blog has been collecting dust for 2 years.

Late 2013, a couple of friends and I decided to start Salju - Busana & Kraf. The focus at the time was to sew and sell children garments. It was a bumpy ride, as we just started out and all of us have day jobs to focus on.

Starting 2014, I am going solo. I know it will be tougher, but I feel I am more focused on decision making and the direction of this business. I am and will be selling more varieties of ladies garments, and perhaps, children garments as well.

Thank you for reading and thank you for your support! :D

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