DIY - chiffon maxi dress

Chiffon maxi dress is so in trend right now. It is such a versatile piece, can dressed up or dress down. Suitable for a day out to the movies or even to ceremonial functions like wedding. Everyone is off buying chiffon maxi dresses, including me.

But the no. 1 problem is, sizing. Yup, so hard to find my size. Most of the dresses are made for smaller size ladies. Until finally, I found one. I really like the colour and pattern, I bought it immediately. I bought this dress here.

Well, the thing about buying online is, the size could be off. The dress arrived, and it was beautiful. The only problem is, it's a bit snug for my arm (popeye!) :(

It's not really that tight, I can still wear it. In fact, I look fabulous in it! (Like the model in the pic, fabulous!) But I don't feel comfortable enough (my arms!) to wear it for a long period of time. I still don't have any suitable occasion to wear it to.

So, I decided to sew one myself. I already have this chiffon fabric, it has a lace pattern which I really like, and it will look great as a dress.

These are the materials that I used:
3 meters of printed chiffon (60 inch wide)
3 meters of black lining fabric (45 inch)
elastics for waist n wrists.

First, I measured my body and made calculations for the pattern. For the bodice and sleeve, I copied from a blouse pattern which I already have. As for the skirt, I measured the dress I bought, as it is a nice fit for me.

For sewing instructions, I followed this tutorial. I think the instruction is easy to understand. This is the bodice part. I was happy that I was able to sew it together with the lining nicely. I added a small slit at the back and added a small rose button :)

The final product is wearable. I think it fits me well, but I might need to adjust the elastic at the waist and make the skirt an A-shape instead of rectangle to get rid of the extra bulk. I also think that the lining I used is a bit too thick for the skirt, as it has gathers.

Anyhow, I'm happy with the result! I learnt a lot:

1. sewing a garment using a slippery fabric = chiffon!
2. make a lining for a garment


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