My new phone and cover

I don't usually spend a lot for my handphone, and I don't change it frequently, either. The last time I bought a handphone was about 2 years ago, because my current phone at the time was not charging well. It was old anyway.

So, I upgraded to a smartphone. It cost me almost RM1000, which is a lot of money to me. It lasted 2 years without any incident, although it was a bit behind in technology. Until one day, it got into a water accident, which made the SD card reader failed, slowed the phone and made typing a real hassle.

Instead of going for repair, I thought I would just upgrade to a new phone. Iphone 5s & 5c was coming out, so I decided to wait for it. But alas, it was too much money to spend for just a phone. After 6 months living with a failing mobile phone, I bought a new one.

It's locally made, and cost me RM499 only. It is good value for money, although the free casing I got is all scratched and cracked already. So, I just made a new cover for my phone :)

I used linen with anchor print for the outer fabric and polkadot cotton for inner fabric. I used a heavy interfacing to make it thicker. Just for fun, I included a slot at the front, which I can put some money or card.

I love it so much, I made another one hehe. I will be posting a tutorial soon on how to make your own handphone cover.


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