Happy New Year 2014

I have neglected this blog for 2 whole years!! Well, for my defence, a lot of things had happen in these two years. Personally, it hadn't been good, but on a sewing note, it had been really good!

To look back on my resolution on 2012, I have actually crossed off a few things! Yeay!!

1) To sew more clothes for myself, using a pattern
I bought the famous Tova pattern, from Wiksten. I had sewn dozens of this fabulous top and worn them everywhere. Success!

2) Learn and make my own pattern
I tried making my own pattern, which I drafted based on Tova pattern. Success!

3) Sew an invisible zipper
I have sewn an invisible zipper for my lacey jubah. Success!

4) Stash busting (to make way for more stash!!)
Not so successful... no such thing as stash busting as I keep buying more..??

5) Get a serger (this is more like a wishlist)
I finally got one!! It's a portable type, Brother 3034D. I love it so much! It has made sewing so much easier and faster. Success!

6) Sew a pants
I sewn a pair of shorts which I'm not really happy with. More room for improvement.

7) Sew my own lingerie..haha..
Nope. Probably never.

8) Sewing with knits
Not yet. I have recently bought some lycra fabric, though. Will explore this more :D

9) Fabric organizing!!

10) My biggest challenge --> Never buy clothes anymore. All is sewn by me :)
So far, I still buy clothes from the shops, but mostly is to study for construction.. hehe.. investment for me. So, half success!

Wow! Looks like I have crossed out 4.5 out of 10. Yeay!! I have also sewn lots of baju kurung for myself and started taking custom orders, hehe.
This year, I am focusing (more seriously) on my business. I will concentrate on selling shawls and jubah. InsyaAllah, I will do my best!


Good luck to me!!  :D

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